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Adding MP3 Support To K3b

Being sick of the music selection in my car the other day I decided I needed for fresh blood. But not being motivated enough to replace the car stereo with one that has an auxiliary input. I tried to simply burn a few mp3 files onto a blank CD. Dragging the files into K3b instead resulted in the error below: […]

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Replace The Default Firefox Google Search In Linux Mint

The recent release of Ubuntu’s Natty Narwhal forced me to reassess my usage of Ubuntu on my work and home machines. As I found the Unity interface drives me crazy and the release on a whole to be very buggy. So I decided to give Linux Mint a go, it has grown in popularity (#2 according to Distrowatch)  over the last few years so I figured they must be doing something right and Linux Mint 11 still uses no frills Gnome 2.32. The migration went smooth, but by default the Linux Mint Firefox Google search functionality is useless, but luckily it wasn’t too much effort to fix. […]

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