I live in South Sydney area and have made my living for the last 13 years developing PHP applications and managing Linux / BSD servers. I have a keen interest in most areas of technology and can often be found tinkering on new projects. For a full rundown on my skill set and a look at some of past projects feel free to visit anthony-mills.com for more information.

You can keep abreast of my day to day happenings on twitter @Anthony_Mills


Anthony’s Projects @ github

  • WordPress-Date----Timestamp-Converter

    (1 watcher)

  • Street-View-images

    PHP class allowing the retrival of images for a location using the Google Street View Images API (5 watchers)

  • scubabrain

    ScubaBrain (0 watchers)

  • s3-video

    WordPress plugin allowing the management and playback of video files stored in an Amazon S3 (Simple Storage) account. (9 watchers)

  • raspberrypi-carputer

    UI component for a Raspberry Pi based car computer. Allows interaction with MPD and GPSD backend services. (39 watchers)

  • png_crush

    PHP script that will recursively compress all .png images under a directory path using the tinypng.com API (2 watchers)

  • phaser-experiments

    Small simple feature and gameplay experiments made with the PhaserJS framework. (0 watchers)

  • panoramio

    Panoramio PHP wrapper class for the data API (10 watchers)

  • Ninefold-Cloud-Compute-Class

    Basic project built around the Ninefold cloud compute service (2 watchers)

  • Hash-Calculator

    Simple plugin allowing a SHA1 / MD5 hash calculator into a WordPress page or post. To use simply the shortcode [hash_calculator] where you would like the calculator to be Displayed. (1 watcher)

  • goplaces

    Golang library for accessing data from the Google Places service. (0 watchers)

  • google-places

    PHP wrapper class for the Google Places API (68 watchers)

  • google-pagespeed

    Wrapper class for getting a speed report using the Google page speed API. (1 watcher)

  • geo_lastfm

    WordPress plugin allowing the embedding local maps of gigs and band information collected from the last.fm API into pages and posts. (0 watchers)

  • DirectSMS

    PHP class for the DirectSMS.com.au API (2 watchers)

  • DaemonWatch

    Web application based on Zend Framework that can periodically connect and check the status of services on remote hosts (1 watcher)

  • btc-markets

    Simple PHP based system for retrieving and storing cryptocurrency market data ( Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum ) from the Australian exchange BTCmarkets. (2 watchers)

  • Brightcove-Wordpress

    WordPress plugin for the integration of the Brightcove platform (1 watcher)

  • BeerMe

    Mobile application that tells you where the closest beer is, based on your location. One native Android branch, and one PhoneGap (cross-platform mobile development framework based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript) branch. (2 watchers)

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