Installing SVN support in Aptana Studio 3

Its been a few years since I have worked anywhere that still uses Subversion as their day to day version control system. But the other day at work I needed to check out some old legacy code which was stored in a svn repository on an old development server. Then it struck me I didn’t even have subversion available on my work machine!

I could have simply installed it from the command line but I use to like have the ability to compare code across multiple revisions directly within my IDE. Here I am going to cover off the required steps to getting support for Subversion installed into Aptana Studio 3.

First go to the menu up near the top of the application window – help -> Install new software.

Aptana Studio: Install New Software

Click the link near the top “Available Software Sites”. Select the entry “Eclipse Indigo Update Site” then click the OK button.

Aptana Studio: Activate Ecplise Software Repository

Select the Eclipse Indigo site from the drop down after a moment the area below will populate with a collection of eclipse packages that can be installed from the selected location.

Apatana Studio: Available software packages

Expand the “collaboration” section then scroll down through through the selections within and select all of the subversive options.

Aptana Studio: Subversive Packages

Click the next button down the bottom of the page then accept the required licenses for the packages.

Aptana Studio: Software package licences

Wait for the the packages to download and install.

Aptana Studio: Installing new software

When prompted restart Aptana Studio 3.

Aptana Studio: Restart Required

Upon restart you will need to select an SVN connector for Subversive to use. I selected SVN Kit 1.3.5. Then click finish and the it will compute the required dependencies that need to be installed and then show another software installation page, simply press “next” to continue.

Apatana Studio: Selecting SVN coinnector

As before a page reviewing the packages to be installed will be displayed, click next again. Accept the legal licenses for the connector and its dependencies. As before the connector its dependencies will then download install, and you will then be prompted to restart Aptana Studio again.

After restarting Aptana go file -> new -> project. In the new project wizard you will now see and option for and SVN project. Simply select this and click the next button. You will then see a page to enter the details of your Subversion repository and check out the code base.

Aptana Studio: New Project from SVN

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