Sorting tabular data with tableSorter

The jQuery tableSorter script is one of those indispensable scripts for a web developer, as most applications have a need to display tabular data to the user at some place in their application. The problem is displaying this data in some sort of user friendly format. The main problem is tables filled with data are commonly very long. Forcing the user to scroll around the page in search of the rows they are looking for is not an optimium situation. The jQuery plugin tableSorter makes this process a lot easier, it is easy to include in your pages, its extendable, works on all the major browsers and allows client side sorting of the data by the end user on the columns of their choice. […]

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Restore The Refresh Button Placement In Firefox 4

The recent release of Firefox has been the new look, features and speed are simply amazing. One issue I am having trouble adjusting to though is the refresh button location. It used to live as a nice big icon next to the back / forward buttons but in the new release it is now positioned as a small icon to the right hand side of the location bar. […]

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