Restoring Github Code Streaks

Last week git hub announced it is removing the current and longest code streaks from users profile pages. The change is being touted as a push to give users a more "simplified interface". Personally I think its a disappointing move, the profile pages for users on Github are already lacking content. The code streak was [...]

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Replace The Default Firefox Google Search In Linux Mint

The recent release of Ubuntu’s Natty Narwhal forced me to reassess my usage of Ubuntu on my work and home machines. As I found the Unity interface drives me crazy and the release on a whole to be very buggy. So I decided to give Linux Mint a go, it has grown in popularity (#2 according to Distrowatch)  over the last few years so I figured they must be doing something right and Linux Mint 11 still uses no frills Gnome 2.32. The migration went smooth, but by default the Linux Mint Firefox Google search functionality is useless, but luckily it wasn’t too much effort to fix. […]

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Restore The Refresh Button Placement In Firefox 4

The recent release of Firefox has been the new look, features and speed are simply amazing. One issue I am having trouble adjusting to though is the refresh button location. It used to live as a nice big icon next to the back / forward buttons but in the new release it is now positioned as a small icon to the right hand side of the location bar. […]

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Installing Firefox 4 on Ubuntu 10.10

The latest release of the popular browser Firefox is now here with Firefox 4.0 boasting speed improvements, location aware browsing, improved HTML 5 support plus much more. Getting Firefox 4 for your Ubuntu desktop is pretty simple using the mozilla team PPA. To get started open a terminal and enter: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable Potential Issue: [...]

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Hate the new Google sidebar? Get rid of it!

If you are like me you are not a great fan of the new Google side bar. Luckily for users of Firefox its easy to revert back to the "Classic" look Google using the Grease Monkey Firefox extension. Steps to revert your Google Results Download and install the Grease Monkey addon for Firefox here. After [...]

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Firefox 3 Robot Easter Egg

Found this neat little easter egg in Firefox 3 today to activate simply type the line about:robots into the browsers navigation bar to recieve this screen:


Mozilla Firefox 3 Robot Easter Egg

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