Creating a Simple Iptables Blacklist

Anyone that had ownership of  a server for any length of time quickly learns that the Internet is full of spammers, bots and other characters you would prefer didn’t exist. A firewall is key to keeping these guys at bay and Linux comes with a Kernel level firewall called iptables that can be employed for this purpose. The only downside of iptables is that people who don’t deal with it on a regular basis tend to find its syntax a little bit daunting. In this post I am going to run you through the process of setting up a basic firewall IP blacklist. Using a bash script to read list of blacklisted IP addresses and feeding these to iptables so they can no longer access your server. Creating the Script First up create decide where you would like the script to live. for this example I am just going to put it in /root/scripts. i.e mkdir /root/scripts nano firewall.sh […]

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Tunnelling data over SSH with Putty

An SSH tunnel is used to route unencrypted traffic through an encrypted SSH channel. Its comes in handy for routing traffic over untrusted or hostile networks as the data is encrypted to maintain privacy and prevent eavesdropping. It is also very handy in for bypassing firewall restrictions on networks where the usage of certain services [...]

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Blocking VocusPR Spam With Iptables

VocusPR has a dubious reputation their main line of work is aggregating the contact details of journalists and bloggers and then selling access to that database so companies can contact them. Press releases from Vocus customers come with the required "unsubscribe" link down the bottom but the catch is clicking it will only stops the [...]

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Changing an elements visibility with jQuery

Adjusting the visibility of element within a web page comes in handy from time to time for features like tool tips, extending content after a short excerpt etc. This technique adds greatly to the user experience of your site and has been around for a long time but the jQuery library makes this task a lot easier with the hide method. To get started if you haven’t already load the jQuery library into the head of your page i.e <script src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.2/jquery.min.js” type=”text/javascript”> […]

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Lucid Lynx Is On Its Way

Time to start getting excited the next release of Ubuntu is almost here!

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Firediff For Tracking DOM Changes

A major problem with developing AJAX applications is trying to follow data flowing back and forth between the server and client and the changes being made to the DOM.

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Client Negotiations

If you have ever done any freelancing or run your own business you have no doubt come across clients like this. For some reason they won't pay full fare but want full service and will hound you relentlessly for not allowing them to screw you over if you try and walk away!

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Jailbreaking An Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

I have had my ipod touch (2.2.1 firmware) now for almost two months and i have found it to be a great little gadget. Although i have continually been annoyed Apple's efforts to cripple the applications available through the itunes app store eg no last.fm scrobbling, having to sync to itunes to retrieved episodes of subscribed podcasts.

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Australian Pirate Party

The Pirate Party in Sweden seems to be making waves after four men where found guilly of helping run the infamous bit torrent tracker site known as The Pirate bay.

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Google Torrent Search

At the moment it may not look to good for the crew behind the Pirate Bay. Although for the site its self it still seems to be business as usual since most servers reside in the Netherlands but after finding this Google custom search for torrent files i am wondering if the Pirate bay is even needed any longer.

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