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Simple Iptables Blacklist

Anyone that has run a server for any length of time quickly learns that the Internet is full of spammers, bots and other characters you would prefer didn’t exist. A firewall is key to keeping these guys out and Linux comes with a Kernel level firewall called iptables that can…

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Client Negotiations

If you have ever done any freelancing or run your own business you have no doubt come across clients like this. For some reason they won’t pay full fare but want full service and will hound you relentlessly for not allowing them to screw you over if you try and walk away!

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Jailbreaking An Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

I have had my ipod touch (2.2.1 firmware) now for almost two months and i have found it to be a great little gadget. Although i have continually been annoyed Apple’s efforts to cripple the applications available through the itunes app store eg no scrobbling, having to sync to itunes to retrieved episodes of subscribed podcasts.

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