Speeding Up Google SDK Manager Downloads

I have been doing some work developing Android applications with Phonegap over the last few weeks. Getting the Eclipse and ADT is always a breeze. Downloading the required Android SDK libraries using SDK manager is always a pain though the speeds seem to be terrible, with the required time to get a new set of libraries often being over a couple of hours.

After much pain and suffering i learn’t it doesnt have to be this way though!

To fix, click on the tools menu and select “Options” from the drop down.

Select tools -> options

Then select the clickbox labelled “Force https://… sources to be fetched using http://…

Change settings

If a download is already in progress cancel it, close the SDK manager and then reopen and start the download again. You should now experience alot faster download speeds, in my case I saw the speed increase from ~50kb/s to around 1000kb/s.

Improved Speed

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