Version 0.96 of S3 Video for WordPress Released

The latest version of my popular S3 Video plugin has been released to the WordPress plugin repository.

After many requests the 0.96 release now allows a user to set a “still” image as a title or splash page for their video. A number of bug fixes have also been fixed in the latest release, the two major ones being:

  • Prefill handling of the “videos per page” setting on the plugin settings page.
  • Videos no longer float above text they are embedded below within a page or post.

The bundled copy of Flowplayer with the plugin has also been updated to version 3.2.15.

Plugin background:

The S3 Video for WordPress plugin allows a user to upload video files to their Amazon S3 account via WordPress and embed the videos using Flowplayer or VideoJS directly into pages and posts. For personal and commercial videos this provides lost cost, pay as you go model for video hosting.

More information on the plugin can be found at either the plugin’s github page or the WordPress plugin repository.