Raspberry Pi Overclocking

Like just like alot of other people as soon as the Model B Raspberry Pi went on sale in March I eagerly rushed out and ordered one from Element 14. Due to production delays this didn’t arrive till the start of June.  But given its size, specs and price I was more than happy to see it finally arrive in the mail. Upon its arrival I rushed down to the store and brought a USB card reader, a couple of 16GB sdcards and a HDMI to DVI cable so I could use a standard LCD screen I had laying around as a display. A couple of corrupted attempts at writing the images to the sdcard with dd later, and I was up and running the standard Debian Squeeze image. After a quick poke around the internals I took a quick peek at the CPU information with  “cat /proc/cpuinfo” and was presented with the following output: Processor    : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l) BogoMIPS    : 697.95 Features    : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java tls CPU implementer    : 0x41 CPU architecture: 7 CPU variant    : 0x0 CPU part    : 0xb76 CPU revision    : 7 Hardware    : BCM2708 Revision    : 0002 Serial        : 000000001e57390e […]

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Overclocking An Asus 701 eeepc

For a while i have wanted to play around with unlocking the full speed of my eeepc 701's CPU, but have never found the time. Tthe other day i decided to change the standard Xandros eeepc operating system, to  something with a bit more flexabilty. I settled on eeeubuntu, and figured whilst it was a fresh install without anything i cared about on the system i may as well have a crack at overclocking it.

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