Setting Up PowerDNS With A MySQL Backend On Ubuntu 9.10

Bind9 has treated us well over the years, but its lack of support for database back ends in a default install is very annoying, especially when an application needs to control DNS services dynamically. PowerDNS is a powerful alternative it supports a wide variety of back ends and can also be configured to serve different [...]

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Lost MySQL Root Password

It happens everynow and again, you login to a server to do something with MySQL only to find the root password is nowhere to to be found.

Never fear its not too hard to reset and you should be back up running again in a couple of minutes.

Step 1

First stop the database server with killall mysqld or /etc/init.d/mysqld stop

Step 2

Execute the command mysqld --skip-grant-tables --user=root to get the MySQL server running again minus the need for a password.

Step 3

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XAMPP – Make your Computer a Webserver: Apache, PHP, MySQL

A painfree tutorial on installing the XAMPP bundle to ease the development and testing of your web applications.

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