Tracing Email Sending PHP Scripts On Servers

It happens sometimes, a server you are responsible for seems to be sending out spammy emails, and its normally caused by legacy or insecure code. The mail log indicates there are plenty of potential spam messages going out that are originating locally but most Linux servers host a lot of sites. So the question then becomes, how do I find the script thats responsible for sending all of the emails? […]

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Changing the web root of a cPanel acccount

As a rule I try to avoid cPanel for hosting sites, I find the overhead of the control panel and the limited flexibility too confining for all but the simplest of sites. Occasionally though I need to deploy sites at work though to cPanel servers due to client requirements. The default web location ( ~/public_html ) for an account works well in most instances. But this default can cause issues when deploying certain applications such as Zend Framework. in which you do not want the web server serving the root of application codebase as the site root. […]

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