Currency Conversion With Google Calculator

Working on a recent project I found myself in the market for a way to simply calculate what one currency is worth in relation to another. After some looking around I was surprised to find currency conversion can be performed quickly and simply using the Google Calculator API. To use you need only make a request to the API similar to this: http://www.google.com/ig/calculator?hl=en&q=1AUD=?USD […]

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Replace The Default Firefox Google Search In Linux Mint

The recent release of Ubuntu’s Natty Narwhal forced me to reassess my usage of Ubuntu on my work and home machines. As I found the Unity interface drives me crazy and the release on a whole to be very buggy. So I decided to give Linux Mint a go, it has grown in popularity (#2 according to Distrowatch)¬† over the last few years so I figured they must be doing something right and Linux Mint 11 still uses no frills Gnome 2.32. The migration went smooth, but by default the Linux Mint Firefox Google search functionality is useless, but luckily it wasn’t too much effort to fix. […]

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Removing Stolen Content From Google

From time to time its not uncommon to find sites stealing your content in its entirety with no link back to its original source whilst plastering ads around their page to make money off your hard work. Getting these plagiarised sites removed from Google used to be a hassle, requiring the copyright owner to file a DMCA complaint and then mail or fax (you remember those technologies, right?) it to Google. Good news though, I found¬† some stolen content today and it seems the times have finally changed with Google finally allowing web submitted content take down requests. This move has been a long time overdue in my opinion as a majority of these stolen content sites are making their money through Google’s adsense program. With the old fax and email system it was normally easier just to firewall off the network the offending site was hosted on to stop them scraping your content and move on with life. Here are some tips on what to do if you suspect someone is stealing your content for their own gains without any attribution: […]

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Hate the new Google sidebar? Get rid of it!

If you are like me you are not a great fan of the new Google side bar. Luckily for users of Firefox its easy to revert back to the "Classic" look Google using the Grease Monkey Firefox extension. Steps to revert your Google Results Download and install the Grease Monkey addon for Firefox here. After [...]

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