Restoring Github Code Streaks

Last week git hub announced it is removing the current and longest code streaks from users profile pages. The change is being touted as a push to give users a more "simplified interface". Personally I think its a disappointing move, the profile pages for users on Github are already lacking content. The code streak was [...]

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Using The Panoramio Wrapper Class

Ever been working on a project that was area specific and wanted nearby local images? I did recently, and knew after seeing images over layed onto Google maps that it must be possible. Looking around I found a few pieces of code that did what I wanted using the Panoramio API but they were all written in Javascript and I wanted to do some server side processing and caching before presenting them. This prompted me to create a Panoramio wrapper class. Simply instantiate and provide your chosen location via its longitude and latitude and the class will return a PHP object containing images from the surrounding area. The project show up in github as being written in Javascript although this is wrong the main code is PHP, the inclusion of jQuery and a few other javascript libraries with the documentation seem to have thrown its language detection off. […]

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