Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Aptana Studio

The last couple of years I have been using Aptana Studio exclusively as my IDE of choice, after deciding it offered the power of Eclipse in a more user friendly format. I find the standard Aptana theme very easy on the eyes when coding for long amounts of time. Unfortunately though sometimes the colour scheme can make finding matching brackets a pain. Luckily though a friend filled me on in the “Goto matching Bracket” feature. To find a matching bracket in Aptana Studio or Eclipse simply put your cursor on the line containing the bracket you would like to find the partner for and press CTRL + SHIFT + P. This will open up a little menu box with an option labelled “Goto matching Bracket”, selecting this will then magically transport your cursor to the line of its matching bracket. […]

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Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Invisible Scroll Bars In Eclipse

Since its release on April 28th Natty Narwhal (11.04) seems to have gained it fair share of haters. The Unity interface is a huge change to the UI and in most peoples experience its buggy and doesn't seem ready for the prime time. No issue I thought after I upgraded I will just use the [...]

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