Client Side Image Place Holders Made Easy

For years designers and developers have used "Lorem ipsum" as a standard placeholder text when creating page layouts. When incorporating images into the body design though the standard approach is a little less straight forward. With images having to be made or resized first to the required dimensions and then inserted into the page layout [...]

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Free Wireframe & Prototype Creation With Pencil

Wireframing is an invaluable technique when starting the development of a new project, both to set functionality expectations with project stake holders and to give the build team a concrete idea of what it is exactly they have to build. There are plenty of web based and commercial packages available but I don’t really do enough wireframing to justify the cost of an ongoing subscription to a web based service and not many of the commercial packages cater to the Linux market. I have always loved Dia ( http://live.gnome.org/Dia ) for creating flow charts and work flow diagrams but never really found it suited to the creation of wireframes. […]

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