Android Debug Bridge Tricks

The Android Debug Bridge ( ADB ) is an underutilised tool in my opinion. Over the last couple of months I have been doing a lot of work using Cordova and the Ionic Framework to create my field guide to NSW Marine Life for the Android platform. When I started out working with Android my work flow was pretty simple: Make the required changes to the application code Test in a browser using the simple web server provided with Python package Use Cordova build command to build an apk package for testing on an actual Android device Push the compiled package to the test device using adb to install the package on a device with developer model enable Over time as my familiarity with the Android tool chain progressed. I found the Android Debug Bridge ( adb ) tool that makes up part of the Android SDK has a lot more to offer. Below are some of handy tips I have found with adb that can make a developers life a little bit easier. […]

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Debugging Web Applications With Fiddler On Linux

Fiddler is by far one of the most popular web debugging proxies available. It allows you to capture, examine, save, edit and replay all HTTP / HTTPS  requests made by a web based application. For many years it was available only on Windows systems. But recently the creator of Fiddler, Eric Lawrence has released a version of Fiddler that runs using the mono runtime allowing it to run successfully on MacOS and Linux platforms. In this post I am going to run through the basic setup and usage of fiddler under Linux (I am using Linux Mint 15 the process should not vary too for other Debian based variants though). First up visit the fiddler site and download the alpha mono version of the application. After downloading unzip the package and copy the mono version of fiddler to the directory where you would like it to live on your system (I am simply using a folder named Software in my home directory). […]

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Magic constant not working with require_once

Its funny when a new feature is added to your language of choice how quickly it gets embraced and used within your code. Today upon uploading some code to a clients shared hosting environment I was greeted by the following error: Uploading a file to display phpinfo() I was able to ascertain the server was [...]

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