Command Line Tips: Program Execution

Executing commands is an integral part of using any Linux system. To follow up on my post about navigating file systems from the command line ( Linux Tips: File & Directory Handling ) more effectively, I am I have picked up over the years. Discovering What Shell You Are In Finding exactly out what shell you are currently using in a terminal can be determined using a variety of different techniques. Some of which are: Using the ps command to display the name of the shell process ( $ is a shell variable that reflects the pid of the current shell ). ps -o command $$ You can echo the $0 variable which will display the name of the shell script. echo $0 Or you can also echo the $SHELL environment variable which will display your shell script echo $SHELL […]

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Linux Tips: File & Directory Handling

My desktop and all of the servers I own are Linux or Unix based. So as a result I tend to find myself in a terminal navigating file systems and working with files more often than not. Command line file management allows you to wield crazy amounts of power but it doesn’t have to be all hard work. Here I am going to run you through some of my favorite simple file and directory related tips for working at the command line. […]

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