S3 Video 0.97 Released

A new version of the S3 Video (0.97) Wordpress plugin has been released to the plugin repository. This release is a combination of some new functionality along with a number of bug fixes. Some of the bigger changes in this release are: Support for Amazon S3 prefixes. This feature allows faster traversal of buckets containing [...]

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Sydney AWS Price Comparison

Its no secret I love AWS, a great API combined with their flexible pay as you go model has made it my platform of choice for many projects including my popular “S3 Video” plugin for WordPress. So when they announced their new APAC Sydney “region” a couple of days back I was keen to take a look. Especially the pricing, in Australia it seems we pay more for just about everything when compared with the rest of the world. Colocation and power costs have soared in Sydney over the last few years so I was pleasantly surprised when I did a quick price comparison of some random Amazon AWS services across the available locations. […]

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