S3 Video 0.97 Released

A new version of the S3 Video (0.97) WordPress plugin has been released to the plugin repository. This release is a combination of some new functionality along with a number of bug fixes.

Some of the bigger changes in this release are:

  • Support for Amazon S3 prefixes. This feature allows faster traversal of buckets containing a large number of files. This functionality was contributed by Harmag, many thanks!
  • The addition of some simple tool tip functionality to help less technical users understand some of the terms and functionality.
  • An issue was resolved that was causing the auto-play functionality to no work when using the videoJS player.
  • Fixed the broken video preview functionality in the admin back-end
  • Also resolved and issues preventing multiple videos or play-lists to be embedded within the same pages or post.

The new stable version of S3 Video can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository page. If you are not as concerned with stability and would like to take advantage of new functionality as soon as it becomes available, the development branch is also available to clone on github.

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