Online Games to be banned in Australia

Everyone’s favorite communications minister Stephen Conroy today confirmed what had long been suspected. That under the new filtering regime online “adult” games of those perceived to have adult elements such as Second Life will be banned in Australia.

This will apply to all flash games, downloadable games and sites that sell games that do not meet Australia’s limited MA 15+ classification.

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Typing Google Into Google Wont Break The Internet But Senator Conroy Sure Will

Seems the rules of the “Clean Feed” game changed this week when it was revealed although people can opt out of the planned mandatory filtered “child friendly” Internet. Everyone will still be subject subject to a filtered Internet, which is a very scary prospect indeed the details seem scarce and as proved true this week no one seems to be forthcoming with the truth on this filter and its application.

So lets look at what we do know so far about this filter:

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