Restoring Github Code Streaks

Last week git hub announced it is removing the current and longest code streaks from users profile pages. The change is being touted as a push to give users a more “simplified interface”.

Personally I think its a disappointing move, the profile pages for users on Github are already lacking content. The code streak was also a good way to keep developers motivated with things like “The 100 Day Github Challenge“. Now the best we have to aim for is a box with more brightly coloured boxes for people to look at 🙁

Fortunately all is not lost though, a browser plug in for Firefox has since been released. If you prefer Chrome an extension is also available now to restore the code streaks on profile pages displayed in Chrome too.

These browser plugin will restore the code streak metrics back to the contribution graphs. On any Github user profiles you look at.


After some research I found this issue on github is at the heart of the issue rather than “interface simplification” as reported in the official blog. Seems a poor result that the metric was just removed from everyones account across the board though. A better result would have just been to let those that don’t like it turn it off. Then those that use it to keep them motivated could have continued as per usual.

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