Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Invisible Scroll Bars In Eclipse

Since its release on April 28th Natty Narwhal (11.04) seems to have gained it fair share of haters. The Unity interface is a huge change to the UI and in most peoples experience its buggy and doesn’t seem ready for the prime time.

No issue I thought after I upgraded I will just use the “Ubuntu Classic” option at login until the new Unity interface matures, unfortunately whilst coding in Eclipse earlier today I noticed using the classic interface or not some issues are still there. I was looking at a wide piece of code in Eclipse and started to become alarmed, what the hell has happened to my editors scroll bars?

I didn’t really pick up on the missing vertical scroll straight away as the scroll wheel on the mouse still got me where I was headed without issue, but I was left without any easy way to browse to the far right if the code was wider than the display area.

No Horizontal Scrollbar in Eclipse

I am told the scroll bars are supposed to appear when the mouse hovers in their vicintiy although this doesn’t seem to happen when using Eclipse at present. Luckily it seems pretty easy to fix, I just wrote a 3 line bash file that gives me back the classic scroll bars I have come to love.


Simply saved the file made it executable with:

chmod +x start_eclipse.sh

Updated my menu and desktop shortcuts to point to my script rather than directly to the Eclipse executable, restarted the application and thankfully problem solved!

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Invisible Scroll Bars In Eclipse

  1. Tim

    If you put


    into your ~/.profile and logout/in it should fix everything without having to set up your own Eclipse.

    I notice that Compiz’s ccsm doesn’t have a scroll bar either for me.

    Note that if you have a .bash_profile or similar, you’ll have to add this export there too, to have the env-var set in bash.


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