Restore The Refresh Button Placement In Firefox 4

The recent release of Firefox has been the new look, features and speed are simply amazing. One issue I am having trouble adjusting to though is the refresh button location. It used to live as a nice big icon next to the back / forward buttons but in the new release it is now positioned as a small icon to the right hand side of the location bar.

Pre Firefox 4






Firefox 4


As developer my life revolves around the refresh button, sure I can use the F5 key but its not the same, when I change application focus between my IDE back to the browser, 9/10 times I am already using the mouse and with multiple screens its just easier to have the refresh button on the left.

Luckily its pretty easy to achieve, in order to reposition the refresh button simply select “view->toolbars->customize” in the applications top menu. You should now see the refresh and stop buttons have left the location bar and are sitting to the right, simply click and drag the refresh button to you preferred location and click done to save your preferences

2 thoughts on “Restore The Refresh Button Placement In Firefox 4

  1. Ken Stein

    Thanks for pointing this out. Didn’t notice that when the customize window was open, the buttons all became drag and drop. Like you I wanted the refresh located where it was. Again thanks!

  2. Raymond S Waters

    You say the refresh button is on the “right side of the location bar”. I can’t find this on the bar or in the customize box of Firefox toolbar addons (4.0.1). I can’t find it anywhere and it is a reasonable function to have. If you can help me locate it I would appreciate your help. Thanks, Raymond

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