Jaunty Jackalope Is Here!

The day has finally come and the latest release of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) is available for download.

So Whats Been Improved?


  • Easier configuration of multiple monitor setups
  • A number of video cards now have free drivers available
  • Significantly faster boot up times
  • Support for the ext4 filesystem
  • Improved range of wireless and 3g devices supported
  • Intelligent switching between wireless and 3g connections
  • The server version comes with Eucalyptus, allowing you to play with cloud computing before paying money for the likes of Amazon’s ec2


Can I Upgrade From 8.10?

Sure, just press the ALT & F2 keys, in the dialog box that appears type update-manager -d.This should open up the update manager which will tell you a new release is available. To get the ball rolling simply press the upgrade button the next screen will show you the realease notes for Jaunty. Press the upgrade button down the bottom of this screen and the system will go have a look at what pakages it needs to complete the upgrade.

If no issues are found a window will eventually pop up asking you if you would like to start the upgrade. Pressing the “start upgrade” button on this dialog box will then start the upgrade in earnest downloading all the packages it needs and then installing them. Be forewarned the actual upgrade can take a long time especially if you have a slow connection or are not getting great speeds from you mirror of choice.

When the process is done you will be asked if you want to remove any obsolete packages, just click the “remove” button to continue . The next dialog box will inform you the system requests a restart, click the “restart now” button and wave goodbye to Intrepid Ibex and hello Jaunty Jackalope. Upon restart if you want to be absolutely sure you didn’t get short changed open up a terminal and type sudo lsb_release -a, you will be told what version of Ubuntu you are currently running in the output.





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